About Us

Optimal Wellness has developed a health and wellness model that combines advanced non-invasive diagnostics with innovative therapies and restorative exercise.  Our science-based model identifies potential health issues and risks, and establishes a baseline against which your future health can be measured.   Our approach is non-invasive, reducing or eliminating the health risks associated with more-invasive diagnostic procedures.  Best of all, after identifying risks and establishing a wellness benchmark, we work with you to build a personalized wellness plan focused on nutrition, exercise, and your needs and wellness goals.

Our Mission

The mission of OWN is to identify, develop and bring to market services that optimize wellness, providing better options for today’s health-oriented consumer.

Our Vision

To be recognized and trusted as the premier provider of innovative wellness solutions.

Our Promise

We are committed to improving your health and wellness using the least invasive means possible.

Value Proposition

OWN offers Optimal Medicine, which aligns the patient’s wellness with the financial interest of the doctor.

Who we are

Russ Allen, CEO

Russ Allen brings years of marketing and media experience for medical providers to the role of CEO. As the author of the Optimal Wellness Schema, his efforts have been to articulate and promote the shared vision of the Optimal Executive team.

As CEO, Russ guides the company’s marketing and media partnerships. Russ has also created the Optimal Wellness Challenge that brings together a partnership with The NFL Alumni Association, military veterans and ordinary citizens in a 100 day event.

The Optimal Wellness Challenge (www.optimalbowl.com) is a collegial competition where all the contestants vie to become the healthiest and the fittest player.

Adam Lefton, COO

Adam Lefton, Chief Operating Officer OWN, President Empowered Doctor Inc. Mr. Lefton was formerly VP Brand Development and Strategy at Cancer Treatment Centers of America  for 11 years, responsible for branding and marketing strategies and all online patient acquisition. He has also held the position of CFO of the second largest division of McGraw Hill. Mr. Lefton oversees all financial and administrative operations of OWN.


Susan Molina – General Manager and Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

Susan Molina is a Health coach as well as a Certified Natural Health Professional working in the field of Naturopathy, just recently receiving Certification by the Centers of Disease Control as a Work@Health Trainer and wellness Coach.

She is currently enrolled in studies to obtain my Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Health Specialist and Nutritional counseling with an expected graduation date June 2017. Susan currently understands and have access to all the major dietary theories while as a graduate of the Integrative School of Nutrition and Trinity School of Natural Health. She is ready and able to help others discover and support what approach works best for them, meeting them wherever they are in life.

Susan have worked with many organizations over the years including women of domestic violence, single mothers outreach and the homeless. Also, Susan received The National Associations Women of the year award for 2012/2013 for service in the community and have helped multiple people achieve their idea weight, health and over all well-being through support, prayer and accountability.

Corporate Wellness is also a passion for Susan, having recently coach and trained the municipalities of Secaucus, Montclair, Verona, Cedar Grove and the Marketing firm CCG out of West Caldwell.

Her passion to assist others to find the foods and lifestyle choices that best support them to make gradual, lifelong changes to reach their current and future health goals, using the Science of Wellness Optimization. Test, Treat and Train.

You can contact Susan Molina calling 800-400-8875 or email her to susan@optimalwellness.com