Whether you wish to enroll just one of your executives, your executive team, or your entire organization, Optimal Executive can tailor a program to your specifications.

Use the Optimal Challenge to augment your existing workplace wellness program and dramatically improve participation rates and results. Inclusion of recognizable athletes and wellness experts practically guarantees a superior participation rate.


Having now completed their OWN Wellness Challenge, former professional football players Karl Nelson, Jim Burt, Bart Oates, and Bruce Harper are ready to assist your team in achieving Optimal Wellness.  Our player-participants will coach, counsel, support and encourage your employees throughout the program.



Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling and lifestyle coaching are designed to address poor dietary and lifestyle choices and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Our renowned team of lifestyle, fitness and nutritional experts are available to develop programs specific to your company’s needs, and can provide counsel, support and encouragement to your employees throughout the program.


Return On Investment

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than having a happier, healthier, and productive workforce is having the data to prove it. All diagnostic results are recorded in our medical records system and optional personal health monitoring devices are available to all program participants. This data, when combined with you own individual and corporate KPI’s, helps to facilitate true Return on Investment calculations.