Whether it’s your own health and wellness, or the health and wellness of a loved one, Optimal has a solution. Explore our programs below and contact us to discuss which program best fit your needs.


Comprehensive Physicals

Our comprehensive physical exam covers all fourteen systems of the body. Designed for those who seek an assessment of their overall wellbeing. For those seeking additional support, we provide a personalized plan.

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Individualized Diagnostics

Optimal performs Individual diagnostic tests for those wishing a thorough evaluation of a particular health issue. Designed for those who seek an evaluation or remedy for a specific health related problem.

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Treatment Options

Our state-of-the-art treatments help you heal using the least invasive techniques available today. Designed to improve your health while avoiding side effects often experienced with more conventional treatments.

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Specialty Programs

Optimal has developed customized programs for those focused on a specific health goal: Optimal Men; Women; Age; Beauty; Heart; Brain; Weight Loss; Athletes. Whatever your goals, there is a program for you.

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