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Optimal Wellness is seeking to partner with 3 Integrative Medical Doctors/ DO’s to provide local Optimal Age Clinics to senior citizens in Brooklyn and Queens. Optimal provides the space, equipment, Tech staff and brand to our doctors. Optimal Doctors practice Optimal Medicine which is a new formula of medicine. Doctors that are in network and take Medi/Medi coverage are urgently needed.


The opportunity is rewarding professionally and fiscally. Optimal Doctors find a new passion for their profession as the “business side” is managed by Optimal and they are focused on their patient’s wellness while seeing a significant increase in their income.

An Optimal Doctor seeks to establish a baseline for every system of the body using noninvasive and highly predictive technology at the initial intake of a patient. Once baselines are established the physician looks to utilize the least invasive medical modality to each area of risk and disease.

To do so, a partnership with the Optimal Doctor and patient along with a network of other providers is essential to accomplish the task. The network includes the patient themselves, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupunctures and other skilled therapists utilizing evidence based therapies to optimize each patients individual wellness.

If you can refer Doctors that share this approach and would like to further discuss the opportunity please share my cell and email and have them connect me directly. Thank you for your attention. Russ Allen CEO, Optimal Wellness.

To contact us directly regarding potential employment opportunities call 1-888-345-5259


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