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Welcome to the Optimal Wellness Network, a place for wellness of mind, body, and spirit.
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The future of medicine is here.

Welcome to the Science of Wellness Optimization.

Universally it is accepted in the US the current medical model is broken. Disease based medicine is expensive and inefficient. We think there is a better way.  By investing in one’s health pro-actively our clients live happier and fuller lives and are better able to fend off chronic ailments and deleterious diseases. Our approach is evidence based and integrates the most advanced noninvasive diagnostics with integrative therapeutics.

Your first step on the path to OPTIMAL WELLNESS is consulting an Optimal Doctor who will utilize our wellness optimization model. Initially your genomic profile is established. Then your Optimal Doctor establishes the baseline for each of the 14 systems of your body. Each system is tested to verify where you are at. Optimal Doctors include standard medical exams, as well the newest diagnostic technologies that have been developed. We now offer predictive results that empower you to proactively address your wellness risks with you training to change diet, add therapeutic exercise and supplement your nutrition with state of the validated supplements.

IN a wellness optimization program, we monitor your progress, running some of the tests at regular intervals. We measure and establishing improved results and modify the program when necessary. With the Optimal Wellness program, you not only feel better, you are better. And we can measure the results to show you!

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Optimal Wellness System


Optimal Medicine addresses 14 systems in the body. Our goal is to optimize the status of each.



Optimal Medicine seeks to heal the body using the least aggressive treatment required to return the body to its optimal state of health. Each orbit further from the center represents a more aggressive form of medicine.


We develop personalized training programs designed to help you reach your Optimal Wellness goals.

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